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Ratio & Flow Control

MAXON flow control solutions keep thousands of plants and products moving every day. With a wide breadth of solutions from intelligent mass flow control to economical mechanical control, our flow and ratio control valve products provide dependable, accurate control of air and fuel world wide. We invite you to browse the following product information for your flow control needs.
1. Mechanical Ratio & Flow Control Gas Valves
For reliable, basic control of fuel/air ratios, MAXON offers a variety of control valves to match your combustion needs. Precision characterized control can be provided with MAXON MICRO RATIO® Valves. For higher pressure, higher flow applications, depend on A Style Valves. Basic control and balancing can be provided in and economical package with CV and BV valves.
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2. Electronic Parallel Positioning Ratio & Flow Control Gas Valves
Today's advanced gas burner systems minimize emissions and maximize efficiency. Much like advanced car engines, the performance of the burner is only as good as its fuel and air control. MAXON SMARTLINK™ control products provide high resolution, error free control and more. For positive assurance of operational reliability, consider SMARTLINK™ products to give your combustion engine the 100,000 mile tune-up reliability.
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  • Precise, repeatable mass flow measurement for fuel, air and combustion streams
  • Displays instantaneous standard rate and totalized flow without calculations
  • Advanced temperature compensation extends accuracy over wider ranges of fluid temperatures
  • Thermal mass flow technology provides reliable measurements with no moving parts
  • Thermal mass flow metering provides outstanding accuracy over a wide turndown range
  • Redundant meter functions provide “on-line” self-checking to ensure safe operation and to provide fail-safe alarm output
  • Monitors, displays, and outputs air/fuel ratio when two meters are electrically “linked” to each other
  • On board memory totalizes flow without batteries or external equipment
  • In-line flow body incorporates conditioning screens to reduce straight-run piping requirements and eliminates many installation problems common to insertion type meters
  • Large, convenient local display for ease of use. No PC or other interface necessary for configuration and operation
  • Fail-safe alarm, limit and analog outputs for easy integration into PLC or DCS systems
  • Factory Mutual (FM) approved for Hazardous Locations, Class 1, Division 2 Groups A,B,C, and D and Class 1, Zone 2, Group IIC

4. Electronic Mass Flow Control Ratio & Flow Control Gas Valves
Common ratio control systems are plagued with the performance shortcomings. Impulse pressure regulators, mechanically linked valves, and jack shaft arrangements are loaded with control lag, dynamic error, wear and hysterisis. In simple terms, slop in your fuel/air ratio control is costing you money on your fuel bill.
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5. Ratio & Flow Control Gas Valves Mixers & Mixing Tubes
MAXONS's Mixers and Mixing Tubes are ideal for producing very uniform mixtures of fuels and air for almost any industrial gas burner, low NOx burner or process application. Built with typical MAXON durability, they provide years of maintenance free operation. A wide variety of control options, sizes and configurations provide flexibility for almost any application or design requirement.
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